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Reviews of the most popular industrial label makers on the market, including Brady, Dymo and LabelTac Label Makers.
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Label Makers for printing up to 4" wide labels

LabelTac 4 PRO Label Maker

LabelTac 4 PRO Industrial Label Printer

The LabelTac 4 PRO has all of the features of the LabelTac 4, but the label printer is built to be more efficient. The LabelTac 4 PRO has an upgraded processor, motor and cutter. In additon, the ribbon carrier has 3 times the capacity of the standard LabelTac 4. The PRO allows you to print upwards of 5,000 labels per day without a problem. BOTTOM LINE: In short, the LabelTac 4 PRO is the LabelTac 4 on steroids. It's faster, stronger and more efficient. The ease of use is the same as the LabelTac 4. The price point is slightly higher for the upgraded model, but if you're going to be printing a large quantity of labels, it's worth it. We like the how LabelTac printers act like printers. The learning curve is very small, since you can use software you probably use every day anyway.
LabelTac 4 Label Maker

LabelTac 4 Industrial Label Printer

Prints indoor/outdoor signs and labels up to 4" tall, and 40" long. Labels are UV, chemical, weather, water, and wear resistant, and won't fade or smear over time. Labels hold up to the toughest industrial manufacturing environments. There are a varitey of label materials available for the LabelTac 4, including glow-in-the dark, cold storage, shrink tube, reflective, die-cut and a variety of otherdurable label stock. Label supply pricing is very reasonable. BOTTOM LINE: The LabelTac 4 is your best bet for printing labels and signs that are over 2" wide. With the ability to print on 4" wide label stock (as well as small labels, like shrink tube), this is the most versatile printer, at a fantastic price point, that we've tried. Though it's bigger than some of the handheld label makers, the footprint is actually quite small, and if hooked up to a small laptop, it becomes a portable work station. We've found that the LabelTac 4 is also rugged enough to withstand warehouse and industrial environments.
Brady Globalmark 2

Brady Globalmark 2

The Brady GlobalMark 2 is an industrial-grade, heavy-duty label-production printer. Print custom labels, tags, decals, badges, and signs on demand. The Globalmark is incredibly easy to use. In fact, the tagline for Globalmark is "Touch, Print, Presto!!". Brady's advanced touch-screen technology, powered by a Microsoft Windows® CE operating system, makes producing professional labels quick and easy. There are three options available for the Brady Globalmark. BOTTOM LINE: The Brady Globalmark 2 is a nice label printer. If it's in your budget, you'll love it. This label maker may be out of the price range of someone just wanting to print safety signs for their warehouse or facility, but if you are going to print a lot of labels with variety of applications, this would be a good printer for you. The "touch, print, presto!!!" tagline actually fits. It really is easy to use.